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Stealth is the global startup community. Discuss ideas, find co-founders, get startup resources, connect with freelancers, and more…

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The Global Startup Community

Building a startup is not an easy feat. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard either. Enter Stealth, the global community enabling members to discuss ideas, find co-founders, launch startups, connect with freelancers, get startup resources, and so much more.

Stealth in Detail

Join the Community and Get All These Benefits

Don’t be alone when there’s the Stealth community you can be part of. We help each other with all things ideas, startups, co-founders, startup resources, freelancers.


It’s hard to know if your idea is any good without being able to discuss it with others. Share as much or as little about your idea to gather early feedback. Fail fast, iterate fast, launch fast.


A startup is so much more than just an idea or as we tend to say ‘an idea is nothing without execution’. Leverage the Stealth community to get your startup off the ground.


There’s a reason why most companies are founded by multiple co-founders and not solo founders. They complement each other and have each others’ backs. Find your match today.

Startup Resources

Founding a business is already hard enough. Stop wasting time googling everything and start making use of the community and shared resources to get started.


Just because you need help with development, design, marketing, etc. doesn’t mean you need to find a co-founder. Start easy and fast with the support of talented freelancers.


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Stealth works by bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs and enabling them to find co-founders, discuss ideas, get startup resources, connect with freelancers, and more…

No, you don’t. Stealth is currently absolutely free.

Yes, there is. The Stealth community is built on the ‘Discord’ platform, a service with 250M+ users and support for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and web browsers.

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