Frequently Asked Questions

Stealth is the global startup community. Discuss ideas, find co-founders, get startup resources, connect with freelancers, and more… At the heart of Stealth is its community, made up of entrepreneurs like yourself. We’re focusing on our core mission, making it easier for you and your fellow co-founders to talk about all things ideas, startups and enabling you to find co-founders and freelancers. Stealth is fast-paced, offers free messaging, audio and video chat, and more.

Stealth is free to join!

Discord is a community platform provider with 250M+ users connecting people via text, audio and video. It also offers native applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and supports web browsers, so you can access Stealth from almost anywhere. You can learn more about it on the Discord website.

Stealth is built on the Discord platform, a service with 250M+ users. To join Stealth, you therefore need a free Discord account. If you don’t already have a Discord account, you can create one here.

A Discord username is always structured like this: ‘Username#1234’.

On Discord for desktop you can easily find your username at the bottom left of the window. Simply click on it to copy your username to the clipboard.
On Discord for mobile tap on the bottom right profile icon and you will find your username at the top of you screen. Simply tap on it to copy your username to the clipboard.

Discord is very similar to Slack, so if you have used Slack before, you will feel right at home. Discord offers a Beginner’s Guide and you can find Discord related help on the Discord Help Center.

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